Wedding Photography Agreement

This agreement is between Pink Toenails Photography, operating in the State of Wisconsin, and the

Bride & Groom, hereinafter referred to as the Clients, with the wedding as detailed below:


Bride’s Name: ______________________________

Groom’s Name: ____________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________

Telephone: __________________________Email____________________________________

Wedding Date/Time:


Wedding Location:


Wedding Address:


Reception Location:


Reception Address:____________________________________________________________




Description of Services, Prices & Fees

Pink Toenails Photography will furnish photographic coverage of the wedding on the above date.

Coverage selected is described on the price list in effect at the date of this contract:

Coverage Hours:

Coverage Price:

Coverage includes:

Coverage will begin __ hours prior to the start of the ceremony and continue for the number of hours purchased, contiguously. The online gallery will be delivered no later than 60 days after the date of the wedding.

Dinner will be provided for photographers with reserved seats in front of the Bridal party table.

(Four hours of coverage $600, full day coverage $1500, $200 per extra hour)




A retainer in the amount of 1/2 of the total is due and payable at the time the contract for services is signed. This holds the date of your wedding exclusively, and is non-refundable. The balance is due no later than 1 week prior to the date of the wedding. All payments are due as described unless prepaid.

If the event is cancelled within three months of the date, the client shall pay the balance of the contract due to the high probability that Pink Toenails Photography will be unable to rebook that date.

Payments are to be made by check to:

Traci Gassen

833 Revere st.

Eau Claire, WI 54703

All travel fees, where applicable, must be paid on or prior to the second payment due date, which falls 30 days prior to the date of the wedding. Up to 30 miles outside of Eau Claire is included. The fee for further travel is $25 for every 30 miles after that.



Pink Toenails Photography will be the exclusive professional photographer hired by the Clients for the purpose of photographing the wedding. Family and friends of the Clients are welcome to photograph the wedding as long as they will not interfere with Pink Toenails Photography’s duties. The Clients reserve the right to retain the services of a videographer to cover the wedding, if they so choose.

While every reasonable effort will be made to produce and deliver outstanding photographs of the wedding events, Pink Toenails Photography’s entire liability to the Clients for any claim or loss arising from Pink Toenails Photography’s performance is limited to a refund to the Clients of the amount the Clients paid for services. Because a wedding is an uncontrolled event, Pink Toenails Photography cannot guarantee delivery of any specifically requested image(s). In the unlikely event of personal illness or other circumstances beyond the control of Pink Toenails Photography, a substitute photographer of equal or greater qualifications, subject to acceptance by the Client prior to the event, may be sent to fulfill the obligations of this Agreement.


Copyright & Usage

An online gallery with high resolution images will be sent to the bride and groom within 60 days. The wedding gallery will be available for online viewing, downloading, and ordering purposes.

Pink Toenails Photography will furnish the client with a written release, which will allow the Client to make copies, prints and other reproductions for personal, non-commercial use and distribution.

Pink Toenails Photography retains copyright in all images created and will have the right to make reproductions for portfolio samples, self-promotion, and professional competition.




This Agreement is not valid until it is signed by the Clients and an authorized representative

Of Pink Toenails Photography and has been received along with payment of the retainer as specified by the Payment terms. This Agreement incorporates the entire understanding between the Clients and Pink Toenails Photography.

Any modifications of this Agreement must be in writing and signed by all parties. Each person signing

below will be fully responsible for ensuring that full payment is made according to the terms of this Agreement. This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Wisconsin.




Bride’s Signature




Groom’s Signature




Photographer’s Signature


__________________________________________________ Date_____________________


Payment Details

Fees for this wedding $ ____________________

Subtotal ____________________

Total Coverage Fees $ ____________________

Travel Fees

Please enter travel fee based on location or as agreed upon $ ____________________

Payment Schedule

Payment #1 Date: ________________________________ $ ____________________

Payment #2 Date: ________________________________ $ ____________________